Legal Services via Jacobson Law Group

Specialized counsel for trademark, copyright and related intellectual property issues as well as legal review of advertising and packaging claims. This additional benefit of HFPA membership is designed to give you professional, efficient and cost-effective legal services in this critical area.  

Rich Jacobson of Jacobson Law Group, LLC, is offering flat fee rates for copyright applications and for trademark services, including knockout and comprehensive searches, preparing and filing applications and shepherding them through to registration. For more complex matters, such as infringements or evaluating marketing claims, Rich’s experienced hand will guide you to strategic and practical solutions. Rich is a highly experienced attorney that is familiar with the home fashion industry and the issues we face. His proactive and preventative approach is ideally suited to our membership.

Contact Jacobson Law Group for an up-to-date fee schedule.  HFPA members can take advantage of this new benefit by contacting Rich for a complimentary initial consultation by email at [email protected] or phone at 212.519.7733.

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