Showroom and Office Space Brokerage via JLL

For 20+ years, Evan Margolin, Vice Chairman at JLL, has been providing real estate services to Tenants in New York City, nationally and globally. He recently was recognized as the “HFPA Recommended Broker” to the showroom tenants that were forced to relocate out of 295 Fifth Avenue – aka “The Textile Building”.  Evan found new showroom locations for dozens of companies in Manhattan and has gone on to assist many outside of New York City for their showroom, office and warehouse space needs.

JLL is a global real estate company with offices in 80+ countries that provides a comprehensive suite of real estate services to their clients including:

  • Tenant and Landlord Representation in Leasing and Sales Transactions
  • Property Management
  • Equity and Debt Advisory
  • On-Site Management Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Design and Build Management Services
  • Showroom, Warehouse, Manufacturing and Office Related Services

Looking for a new showroom, office space or warehouse?  Is your lease close to expiration?  Want to better understand how your lease rates compare to today’s market?  Evan and his team are happy to help.  Best of all, brokerage commissions are paid by landlords so our services are at no cost to our clients.   

For a free presentation on market availabilities, recent comps in your building and updates on local market activity in the Textile sector, please email Evan or call/text him at 1-917-653-5715. You can also visit the JLL website at

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