About HFPA

The Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA®) is a leading association for companies involved in the home fashion products industry. Members include companies that manufacture, market, or supply window, bedding, bath, table linens, kitchen textiles, floor and wall coverings, allied products, accessories, and services.

HFPA Mission

The Home Fashion Products Association serves to advance the growth of the global home fashion product industry by setting standards for excellence through technical product compliance, advocacy, and awareness efforts. 

2024 Board of Directors

Brian Delp

Board Member

Spencer Foley

CHF Industries
Board Member

Charles Gaenslen


Scott Goldstein

S. Lichtenberg & Co.

Jeff Kambak

Yunus USA
Vice President

Prem Katyal

Royale Linens

Jeff Kaufman

Avanti Linens
Past President

Michelle La Rovere

Natco Home
Board Member

Hope Margala

Board Member

Julie McKenzie

Trident Group India
Board Member

Leslie Meier

WestPoint Home
Board Member

Tom Merriman

Mohawk Home
Board Member

Chris Mooney

Board Member

Andy Petricoff

Indo Count
Board Member

Gary Ragusa

Lush Décor
Board Member

Brett Rife

ADFC Chair

Blake Ruttenberg

American Textile Company
Board Member

Lexi Schladenhauffen

1888 Mills
Board Member

Government & Regulatory Affairs

The activity developed under HFPA Government and Regulatory Affairs plays an important role for the members as an authority across the industry. HFPA keeps members informed of the latest laws, regulations, and policies affecting compliance. HFPA also monitors and communicates about key state and federal legislative issues, and takes action on behalf of the industry in key areas. Members have access to the exceptional HFPA Legal Services Program, designed to help provide the most cost-effective legal advice and professional services in the industry. For more information, please visit the website of Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury

Memos are available for HFPA Members free of charge.

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