New York City Home Textiles Market FAQs: 

When is Home Textiles Market in New York City? The New York City market is held 2 times a year, generally in the months of March and September. The dates are published here. 

Do I need to register? Can anyone attend? I’m a member of the Press, do I need a press badge? This is a “show in the showrooms.” There are permanent showrooms participating as well as temporary space leased just for market week. No registration is needed in advance, but some showrooms will ask for buyer credentials at the door. Each commercial building in NYC has different security rules for their tenants. It’s best to contact the showroom/manufacturer you’re visiting directly to inquire on security requirements. When possible, it is also best to make appointments in advance vs. walk in. 

How can my company be featured on the HFPA Market Map? The HFPA Market Map is open to members and nonmembers. More information, as well as registration, can be found here. 

What products are shown during market? Soft furnishings, home fashions companies classified as linens, bath, towels, rugs, bathroom accessories, kitchen textiles, pillows, etc. 

Where can I find the buildings for the showrooms? Are there directories I can review in advance? The Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA) produces a map featuring some participating companies. The map can be found on the website under the ‘Market Week’ tab. You can also visit Home Textiles Today’s website here and view their market week directory. Some buildings, such as 261 Fifth Avenue and 230 Fifth Avenue, that display their tenants on their websites or provides directories in their lobbies. 

Can the HFPA help me find temporary or permanent showroom space? No, the HFPA does not provide that service; however, we do recommend that you contact Evan Margolin, Vice Chairman at JLL. 

Do I have to be an HFPA member to participate in market week? No, HFPA sets the NY market week dates and supports the market. This includes producing a HFPA Market Map that plots permanent and temporary showrooms. If you are a nonmember interested in being featured on the Market Map, email [email protected] for more information.

Can the HFPA help my company prepare for market? While the HFPA offers services to support the Market Week, we do not directly consult with companies to help them prepare for the market.

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