The Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA®) has been a leading association for companies involved in the home fashion products industry since 1968. Members include companies that manufacture, market, or supply for window, bedding, bath, table linens, kitchen textiles, floor and wall coverings, allied products, accessories and services. 

Committed to excellence and continuous development, HFPA fosters the common interests of the home fashion products industry and promotes the strength of a cooperative organization for its membership. HFPA works to establish uniform showroom dates for its membership Markets, and to establish best practices in the industry by raising awareness of the need for excellence and high product standards. Members have access to the exceptional HFPA Legal Services Program, designed to help provide the most cost effective legal advice and professional services in the industry. Additionally, HFPA keeps members informed of the latest regulations governing U.S. trade policies. HFPA also monitors and communicates key state and federal legislative issues, and takes action on behalf of the industry in key areas. 

Recognizing that education is the cornerstone of an industry, the HFPA Foundation supports students of home fashion surface design and marketing. Over $120,000 has been awarded through the HFPA Foundation since its inception 1996. 

For over 40 years, the board of directors and HFPA staff have developed a vital support system for its membership through quality programming, industry recognition, and superior services. HFPA continues to promote excellence and leadership by setting industry standards, being active on key industry issues, and supporting its next generation of leaders.

The American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) joined HFPA in 2001. ADFC comprises dealers, processors, and manufacturers of feathers and down used in home fashion products. The purpose of the ADFC is to further the common interest of the natural fill products industry, and to maintain and improve the quality of the products in the industry through labeling compliance. www.downandfeathercouncil.org

Download ADFC’s Factzzz on Down and Feather for information on the health and wellness benefits of down and feather; its hypoallergenic qualities; and tips on how to buy down and feather bedding.  

Down and Feather: Tips on Purchasing Down
Down and Feather: The Healthy Choice for Allergy Sufferers
Down and Feather: The Healthy Choice for Sweet Dreams 
View ADFC’s creative video, Pillow Talk Hosted by Barry Bedspringer!

To find out more about how HFPA can benefit your organization, call us: 212-297-2189.

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